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Diana L. Johnson



So, a little about me, and how I became a professional photographer in the Boston area!

I grew up in Rockland MA and went to college at Rhode Island School of Design. Soon after I graduated I got married to the love of my life and had 3 wonderful kids. My husband worked in the food business and then decided to open restaurants and our life was crazy. (laughing)

Growing up, my mother (Patricia Isaac) was an Art teacher in Rockland for 40+ years. She was exceptionally talented and passionate about Art and Photography. She was such an inspiration to me, her students and really to everyone she interacted with. She had inspired me to became a professional photographer since my early childhood.  And I like to think she passed some of her talent to me in my genes! 

Today, my 3 kids are all grown up, we have two dogs (our grandchildren) and I can finally say that most of my time is my own now. I have not only knowledge as professional and family photographer in the Boston area, but also have time to use my experience to capture moments in your life through my pictures, and hopefully make my Mom proud!

To me, a photograph is a stamp in time full of emotion. To capture that special moment takes practice, creativity and knowledge. Anyone can take an ok picture with an iPhone  but I aspire to take exceptional pictures that make you say… Wow….Holy mackerel, Oh my goodness, That is amazing. That is perfect.

Easy NO… Worth it? Without a doubt! If you're looking for a professional photographer in the Boston area, let's chat today!


40 Years of Photography Experience


BA in Photography from

Rhode Island School of Design

Cities Served

Serves Over 20 Cities in the Boston Area

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