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Pet Photography

D I A N A   J.   J O H N S O N

Looking for Professional Pet Photographer in the Boston Area?


Pet photography done right can actually make an amazing piece of artwork in your home. Whether you decide to turn these pictures into a canvas or into a cute customized coffee mug, they will always be a great memory to have of your pet. Pet photography is a special way to capture the joy and love between you and your pet. 


When it comes to taking pictures of your dog or of your cat, it can be hard to capture a picture that is not of them moving. Pets do not always stay still long enough for you to take a picture. Hiring a professional pet photographer in the Boston area will ensure that you have a wide variety of pictures including portraits and candids. Another benefit of hiring a pet photographer in the Boston area is the fact that you can be in the picture with your pet as well. I pride myself on being able to capture the special bond my clients have with their pets. 


When thinking about the family photo wall in your home, don’t you vision a high quality picture of your beloved pet? The animals in our lives are nothing but family, and your fur babies should have a picture on your family wall as well. Let's work together to capture the bond between you and your pet on camera. Schedule a session today! 

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